Efforts in environmental technology honored

Dürr receives award by Korean Minister of Environment for its environmental technology activities

Seoul, South Korea, 28 November 2019 – The Korean Minister of Environment and the Korea Environmental Engineers Association KEEA have rewarded Dürr Korea for its contribution to environmental protection and national technological advancement in South Korea.

Dürr’s subsidiary in Korea is very proud to be one of six honorees who have won this year's environmental award conferred by the Korean Minister of Environment. The award is granted to companies, institutions, universities or individuals engaged in the environmental industry.

“I am very proud of the achievement of our colleagues from Dürr Korea and all international Dürr colleagues who helped to win this award through their passion, professional work and tireless effort”, said Martin Rotermund, CEO of Dürr Korea, after he was given the award in Seoul. He emphasized: “It is my sincere wish that our air pollution control technology also in the future will continue to make a sustainable contribution to improving air quality in South Korea.”

Having started in the late 1990s, Dürr Korea has supplied about 300 sets of air pollution control systems in the automotive, semiconductor and chemical industries of Korea. With the overall introduction of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) technology to Korea in 1995, Dürr contributed to the national technology development essentially. For this year's award, Dürr convinced the jury with projects for heavy industries such as shipbuilding. Here, the engineers developed control systems to ensure compliance with the environmental regulations for hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Within these projects, Dürr provides a dust filtering system, a concentrator and the above-mentioned RTO system, which reduce HAP emissions by more than 90%.

The award is seen as a motivation for Dürr Korea not only to continuously supply reliable and durable competitive products but also to further enlarge the efforts in supplying high quality technologies that meet future environmental requirements.

Exemplary installation of an Ecopure® RTO plant (type RL), used for controlling hazardous air pollutants