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Battery Electrode Manufacturing

Battery Electrode Manufacturing

Solutions for lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing

Coating Lines and Solvent Recovery Systems

Dürr Megtec provides a comprehensive turnkey approach for producing battery electrode coated materials. Our capabilities cover both ends of the production line, as well as everything in between. We provide systems for raw material handling, slurry mixing and fluid delivery, web handling, coating and drying, solvent recovery and purification, calendering, and slitting.

Working with companies in the United States, Europe and Asia for the production of electrodes, we are leading the process development needs of coating, drying, and solvent recovery equipment for lithium-ion electrode production as part of the advanced battery manufacturing process.

From a coating line that meets the basic and competitive needs of a new player in the market to a fully integrated production line with lithium-ion electrode solvent recovery and distillation for for high-volume runs, Dürr Megtec is a single-source OEM that can meet all your electrode production requirements, including the support during process development. Our capabilities cover turnkey coating lines, equipment installation, start-up supervision, and 24/7 service and parts support.

Our company entered into the energy storage market in 2006 when an electrode manufacturer was looking for a better way and requested a collaborative effort with Dürr Megtec to develop a simultaneous two-sided coating and drying process that did not require a vertical web path through the dryer. The potential customer approached us because they were familiar with our patented air flotation drying equipment and R&D pilot line capabilities. Technology previously developed for simultaneous two-sided battery electrode coating dictated the need for a vertical air flotation dryer. However, the customer did not want a vertical web-path dryer because of the substantial building height required and the increased difficulty in providing operator access for tending purposes compared to a dryer with a horizontal web path.

The engineering goal was to develop a simultaneous two-sided coating method that uses a horizontal air flotation dryer instead of a vertical dryer. Dürr Megtec engineering and R&D teams developed a new coating concept and refined it through extensive testing on our R&D pilot line. The new process required just a single pass. In addition, there is only one coating station and one dryer compared to two of each for tandem coating. This solution keeps all equipment located on the same level of the facility, all within a small footprint compared to a traditional tandem coating line.

The single-pass feature of the Dürr Megtec coating line:

  • Reduces electrode manufacturing costs
  • Effectively doubles production volume without changing line speed
  • Reduces waste
  • Lowers capital and operating costs
  • Makes the overall manufacturing operation more productive


Pilot Coating Facility

Dürr Megtec’s pilot line in its Pilot Coating Facility is available for customers to test, develop and improve processes by evaluating system variables and components to optimize their performance and operation with the coatings and substrates to be used. Important for emerging, advanced materials applications, the pilot line helps facilitate the potential for advanced technology patents.

Thermal Processes

Separation Processes

Sorptive Processes

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