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Composites and Carbon Fiber

The process requirements for composites and carbon fiber call for multiple solutions at every stage of production, from manufacturing to recycling. Dürr Megtec offers air pollution control systems, as well as customized process drying and curing equipment.

Exhaust Gas and Air Pollution Control

When a process requires environmental control systems for solvent-based applications, Dürr Megtec offers regenerative thermal oxidizers, solvent recovery, wet scrubbers, and distillation and purification systems. In addition, our waste-heat recovery systems can “close the energy loop” between pollution controls and the process in order to reduce production costs.

Dürr Megtec offers customized exhaust gas treatment systems for composites and carbon fiber production. The Oxi.X RC and Oxi.X RM regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) deliver high-efficiency VOC destruction over a range of flow metrics. With VOC destruction typically at 98%-99+%, and thermal efficiency up to 97%, the Oxi.X RC and Oxi.X RM RTOs provide exceptional operating economy.

Thermal oxidation is the most-effective and efficient method of abatement for hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia (NH3), carbon monoxide (CO), tar, and other VOCs and HAPs discharged from the fiber oxidation ovens and carbonization furnaces used in the processing. These emissions present a danger to human health if not properly treated, and thermal oxidation is the most-effective and efficient method of manage them.

Our global environmental experience with composites and carbon fiber production spans decades. The result of our ongoing development efforts is a variety of maintenance-friendly and cost-efficient systems that make optimum use of pollutant destruction and energy resources.

We also understand the need to produce carbon fiber competitively, so we utilize proprietary solutions to reclaim heat, which effectively lowers the production cost per ton of carbon fiber produced.

Preventive Maintenance Services

There is a definite link between productivity, reliability and maintenance of environmental equipment. The primary benefits include reduced operating costs, consistent product quality and increased life of valuable capital equipment. Maintenance also preserves capital assets and fulfills safety, insurance and regulatory obligations.

The Dürr Megtec Preventive Maintenance Services staff can help maintain your equipment. Our team of factory-trained technicians have an average of 20+ years of experience and can evaluate your equipment needs to keep it functioning at its optimum level.

Drying and Curing

Dürr Megtec provides roll-to-roll drying, curing and thermal air-handling systems for coating and laminating applications, such as carbon fiber, composites and thermoplastics. Whether you need a small, value-priced roll-support dryer, a custom-configured air flotation dryer or a complete coating line for a specific application. Our technical application and design engineers work with process specialists or OEM suppliers to develop systems that provide reliable, high-production performance for composites web handling, carbon fiber web handling, drying and curing carbon fiber, and roll-to-roll thermal air handling.

Dryers can be equipped with different nozzle configurations ranging from simple slot nozzles to sophisticated Coanda-style air bars and patented airfoil systems. Multiple heat sources are available, including steam, direct and indirect gas-fired, thermal oil, electric, hot water and IR. In addition, the air-handling systems can be integrated into the dryer enclosure or as stand-alone for remote installation.

Our custom or hybrid dryer styles and designs, as well as configurations for clean-room applications, include:

  • Convection air/non-contact flotation
  • Convection/IR combination
  • Catenary convection air
  • Roll support
  • Festoon
  • UV
  • Tentering
  • Can/drum
  • Belt conveyor
  • Thru air
  • Inert

Thermal Processes

Separation Processes

Sorptive Processes


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