Li-Ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing

Dürr MEGTEC provides a comprehensive turnkey approach for producing battery electrode coated materials. Our capabilities cover both ends of the production line, as well as everything in between. We provide systems for raw material handling, slurry mixing and fluid delivery, web handling, coating and drying, solvent recovery and purification, calendering, and slitting.

High-Volume, Cost-Effective Coating for Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes

Slot-die coating against a backing roll is the most common process method for lithium-ion and supercapacitor slurries. Common as it is, there are challenges that must be overcome to achieve a robust electrode coating process and superior battery performance. 

Dürr MEGTEC technicians closely manage the precise combination of the dry solids and liquid components. The mixing condition has a strong impact on the slurry, along with the coating and drying process, which ultimately impacts battery performance. 

Because the slurry carries particle dispersions, the particles can become trapped in the gap between the slot-die lips and the backing roll/ foil. This can result in a streak, or even worse, cause the web to break. For energy cells, which require heavier/thicker coat loads, the trapped particles occur infrequently. 

However, power cells require lighter/thinner coat loads. As a result, the issue with the particles creates a lower limit to the coat weight.