Dürr Megtec SNCR Injector

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) Systems

In certain applications, Dürr Megtec’s selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) technology can be deployed as a relatively low capital cost solution.

Operating principle Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction Systems

Our SNCR technology utilizes custom-designed Turbotak atomizing nozzles to inject ammonia or urea solutions directly into the hot gas to chemically reduce NOx to nitrogen and water. In applications where site-specific performance data is necessary, we can conduct a full-scale demonstration of the effectiveness of an SNCR system.

Application area Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction Systems

We offer pilot testing at your facility to determine the feasibility of SNCR for NOx emissions control. Urea and ammonia injection testing is conducted to evaluate the best choice of reagent for your process, proper equipment sizing for full-scale installation, and injection locations.

We continue to expand our database in chemical production applications such as glass and carbon black manufacturing through full-scale demonstrations. Our goals are to maximize NOx control performance while optimizing chemical utilization with low reagent consumption and the lowest levels of reagent slip. We utilize both predictive and scale modeling techniques to assure optimum gas flow distribution to achieve this goal.