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Sorpt.X SB – Biogas Purification

Sorpt.X SB biogas purification systems use only water to remove CO2, H2S, and light siloxanes from digester, wastewater treatment, landfill, or other biogas streams. Sorpt.X SB systems capture more than 98.5 percent of the methane and purify it to pipeline quality natural gas.

Dürr Megtec Sorpt.X SB Benefits

When purified, biogas can be added to the natural gas grid and used in cogeneration applications to produce electricity, generate heat, and fuel vehicles. The Sorpt.X SB biogas purification system features:

  • Chemical-free operation
  • High-pressure packed media bed
  • Air stripper to remove CO2 and H2S, with minimal methane loss
  • Regenerative wash water system to reduce water usage
  • Self-regenerating desiccant dryer to dry the product gas to a dew point of -40°F
  • Low methane slip of 1.5% or less
  • Skid-mounted and modular design that allows for easy installation and servicing
  • Flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer to treat tail gas, if required

Water Scrubbing for Biogas Purification Operating Principle

The Sorpt.X SB biogas purification system utilizes water absorption technology to process methane gas from any anaerobic digester and purify it to pipeline quality natural gas. The regenerative wash water system reduces water usage and there is a low methane slip of 1.5% or less.

Fast, Simple Installation

Each system is skid-mounted and modular in design, which requires a smaller operational footprint and allows greater integration flexibility at the application site. Stainless steel wetted system components are factory assembled and tested to performance parameters.

Every skid package comes fully assembled, wired, and component tested at the factory to the extent possible prior to shipment. All equipment ships on commercial trucks. This shortens the installation timeframe and helps ensure an effective start-up. We can also provide full turnkey installation and startup services, preventive maintenance, and fulfill future service/parts requirements.

Operational Reliability

An advanced electronic control system automatically optimizes the system for high gas yield. Gas analyzers provide continuous monitoring of the inlet and outlet biogas, reporting H2S, CH4, CO2, and O2 levels. The entire control system, variable frequency drives, and gas sample monitoring system are located in a climate-controlled, lighted, skid-mounted “Control House” with locking access door. There are also provisions for remote monitoring.

Dürr Megtec Sorpt.X SB Application Areas

Water scrubbing is an effective method for purifying biogas from digester, wastewater treatment or other biogas streams. The process equipment of the Sorpt.X SB biogas purification system can be tailored to specific applications to remove particulate, H2S, CO2, H2O and siloxanes, and can capture more than 98 percent of the methane.

Designed specifically for harsh environments, each system incorporates corrosion-resistant materials. The variable frequency drives used throughout the system increase system adaptability and minimize energy usage. Combined with its low operating costs, Dürr Megtec is able to provide a reliable system that is truly cost-effective.

Tail Gas Treatment

Dürr Megtec offers a range of oxidizer systems to treat tail gas for all popular biogas-upgrading technologies, including water scrubbing, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane systems. Our systems handle a wide range of methane content and in most cases, run fuel-free by utilizing the tail gas as the energy source.

H2S Treatment

Dürr Megtec has collaborated with key developers of two systems for H2S treatment. The collaboration enables Dürr Megtec to provide a complete biogas purification system. This cost-saving approach ensures the viability of the entire system and all its related components.

Sorpt.X SB Biogas Purification System Technical Specifications

Process Water scrubbing    
Operating principle Chemical-free    
Methane capture rate ≥ 98%    
CO2 removal Air stripper    
Methane slip ≤ 1.5%    
Advanced telemetry VPN equipped