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Sorpt.X SW – Wet Scrubbers for Acid Gas Absorption

Dürr Megtec provides a variety of Sorpt.X SW wet scrubbers including spray tower, tray tower and packed tower designs for industrial acid gas emissions control.

Sorpt.X SW benefits

  • Simplicity of construction and operation
  • Flexibility of operation (gas volume, acid gas concentration, etc.)
  • Low pressure drop
  • High removal efficiencies for a variety of acid gases, including SOx (SO2 and SO3), HF, and HCl
  • Not susceptible to plugging
  • Small footprint
  • Low capital equipment and installation cost

Functionality Sorpt.X SW

The principle of acid gas removal is to expose the acid gas to an alkaline agent and by chemical reaction form a stable salt, which subsequently can easily be removed with the liquid. This is accomplished in a spray chamber, most often a vertical tower, where water containing the reagent provides the necessary contact surface for the chemical reaction to take place.

The most common reagents include:

  • Sodium hydroxide (caustic) NaOH
  • Sodium carbonate (soda ash) Na2CO3
  • Magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2
  • Calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) Ca(OH)2

Sorpt.X SW Wet Atomizing Scrubber

For gas streams containing acid gases and particulate, the Sorpt.X SW atomizing scrubber controls these contaminants in one system with minimal pressure drop, low water usage, and low maintenance. This product was formerly known as the Turbotak™ scrubber.

Sorpt.X SW Wet Atomizing Scrubber Benefits

  • Low maintenance, low pressure drop
  • Simultaneous removal of contaminant gases, particulate, and mists
  • Patented Sorpt.X NT (formerly Turbotak™) atomizing nozzles feature superior control and range of droplet size distributions
  • Horizontal or vertical configurations

Functionality Sorpt.X SW Wet Atomizing Scrubber

The Sorpt.X SW atomizing scrubber uses a finely atomized liquid to remove combinations of particulate, acid gases, industrial fumes, vapors, and mists from process gas streams. Particulate or mist suspended in the gas stream collides with the liquid droplets. Droplet size distribution is crucial. The optimum droplet diameter for particulate removal is 15 to 20 times the particulate aerodynamic diameter. Agglomerated droplets are removed by inertial means, gravity, and a downstream mist eliminator. When absorbing acid gases, the quantity of gas transferred to the liquid phase is proportional to the surface area of the atomized spray. The significant collective surface area of the large number of extremely fine droplets in a Sorpt.X SW wet atomizing scrubber provides superior removal efficiency.

Superior Design

The Sorpt.X SW wet atomizing scrubber features a superior design that has no internal obstructions, such as packing media, thereby reducing the potential for fouling. In addition, low gas velocity minimizes or eliminates abrasion of internals. Along with this, the multiple stages of our patented Sorpt.X NT atomizing nozzles saturate the gas stream for optimum gas absorption and particulate control. These erosion and plug-resistant atomizing nozzles feature superior control and range of droplet size distributions.

The Sorpt.X NT atomizing nozzles are controlled independently of the gas stream. This gives the scrubber a low sensitivity to fluctuations in gas flow rates and contaminant concentrations. Pressure drop across the Sorpt.X SW wet atomizing scrubber is typically less than 2 in. w.g. (0.5 kPa), a critical factor for retrofit installations because process induced draft fans rarely have significant excess capacity.