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Environmental and Operational Monitoring and Reporting

Dürr Megtec provides cost-effective methods of electronic monitoring of regulatory and equipment operational data.


The Dürr Megtec EnviroMonitor™ is a cost-effective system that electronically monitors regulatory or other data points in an encrypted format, allowing for regulatory-approved reports.

If you are a Title V facility or affected by a MACT regulation, you may be required to monitor, record and report items, including:

  • Combustion chamber temperatures
  • Exhaust temperatures
  • Drive speeds
  • Duct pressures
  • Damper positions
  • Permanent total enclosure (PTE) data
  • Drive speeds
  • Other parameters

Highly reliable and secure data storage is possible with large-capacity flash memory technology for both internal and removable storage media. You can use a USB flash drive to transfer data to your PC. The Dürr Megtec EnviroMonitor™ system provides immediate advantages for your day-to-day operations.

The Dürr Megtec EnviroMonitor™ system eliminates traditional paper chart recording. Custom monitoring and reporting allows secure monitoring of mandated equipment parameters at locations around the world — all from your desktop. If there is a potential upset condition, the EnviroMonitor™ system can send an email notifying multiple recipients.


In addition, the Dürr Megtec ProcessMonitor™ is a data acquisition and reporting system that provides secure, managed remote RTO/RCO monitoring and support to observe, store, and report equipment operational data.

The system comprises a network address translation (NAT) router with a built-in firewall, a PLC connection, and an Ethernet-based communication port, which allows VPN access.

The ProcessMonitor™ system has an option that allows continual data collection for regular analysis and reporting. An additional feature is the remote dashboard for viewing machine operations.


  • Remote access
  • Security
  • Dashboard view of equipment process from any location
  • Secure back-up of data
  • Reliability and protection
  • Ease of set up
  • Data collection and cloud storage
  • Out of compliance notification
  • Instantaneous email alerts and alarms
  • E-mailed data reports and automatic generation of EPA reports
  • Monitor alarm history in real-time


  • Only connects to the Internet and does not allow access into a customer’s network
  • Remote service function permits access only to authorized service technicians for diagnostics and control system adjustments

The EnviroMonitor™ and ProcessMonitor™ systems both help maximize oxidizer performance for day-to-day operations.

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